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At Vulcan, most of my work is spent working on very cool, but very confidential projects. But here are a couple of public-facing sites I've been involved in that I'm able to share.


I had the chance to redesign the website for the Seattle Art Fair for the 2018 show. We wanted a site that would showcase rich photography highlighting the art and the experience. The site needed to align with the Seattle Art Fair brand, and appeal to both established collectors and those just beginning to explore the art world. » 


Paul Allen wondered: Could reefs be mapped and monitored by the new micro satellites being put in space?

I've been working with the product team to create a tool that will let scientists and conservationists view the health of coral reefs around the globe. High resolution satellite imagery and mapped analysis are available as data layers. Detailed data views allow them to target their analysis and download data. This is just the first stage of a multi-year project. As we continue to map more of the world's coral reefs and build additional functionality, we'll stay in close touch with our users and get feedback to inform improvements and potential new features.